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Management of Environmental Quality

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Previously published as Environmental Management and Health

Publisher : Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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To examine in a deep and objective manner the various environmental factors and their impact on the overall quality of ecosystems and quality of life, to suggest possible remedies to environmental problems and to adopt an inter-disciplinary approach to the problem of managing the environment and upkeeping good quality standards, with a view to reducing the deleterious effects of man’s activities.

The advancement of the industrialized world, with its technological and chemical emphasis, and the intensive farming practices needed to support a voracious population have created massive prosperity. The price we pay for these riches is the deterioration in our health and the emergence of disabling and killer diseases, many of which are of our own making.

By analyzing ways in which industrial and agricultural bodies can take preventative and remedial action to reduce pollution and the use of chemicals and eliminate the problem of hazardous waste products-in other words, managing our environment responsibly - the journal presents major research findings, warnings of potential dangers to health, and suggestions for different codes of practice to safeguard our environment and health. It also encourages international liaison, assessment, and co-operation.

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