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Establishment of a Revolving Fund for Tree Plantation (Pakistan)


Titre : Establishment of a Revolving Fund for Tree Plantation (Pakistan)

Pays : Pakistan

Numéro projet : PAK/95/20

Domaine : Climate Change Mitigation

Durée : 2/1995 - 1/2000

Bénéficiaire : Col. Mohammad Sher Social Welfare Society

The thrust of concentration is on the area of the village Mani Acger Taluka Ratodero. The objectives of the project are mainly centered around afforestation, multiple use, sustained yield, control of water level, economic development, trees as an industry and reduction of global warming. The project envisages plantation of 25,000 trees, each year by the farmers for the first five years. A total of 1,25,000 trees will be planted in Phase 1 and each farmer shall be asked to earmark 5 acres of land and plant 5,000 enblock trees on his land. After completion of phase 1, each farmer shall be required to hand over one thousand trees out of his five thousand planted trees to the NGO. The NGO shall dispose off these trees and re-invest for planting more number of trees in its Phase 11. For Phase 11, the NGO will be able to increase the planted area by 100% i.e 50,000 trees will be planted each year from the sale proceeds received from Phase 1 planted trees. The proposed cycle was expected to continue increasing by 100% in each phase of its implementation. The proposed activities for the project include the establishment of nurseries of fast growing plants by identified groups of farmers. The NGO shall provide all needed assistance for these plantations. Each farmer will be provided with the five hundred seeds needed to develop the nurseries by the NGO.

Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 11,132.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 127,193.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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