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Increased milk volumes (Kenya)


Titre : Increased milk volumes (Kenya)

Pays : Kenya

Code projet : 16mfcs-6518

Durée : 01-01-2016 / 31-12-2016

The main challenge for Mumberes is to increase milk intake. In 2014, Mumberes showed a considerable increase in milk intake. For 2015, Mumberes registered an average of 9,350L/day. This is similar to an average 9,325L/day recorded in 2014. This means the target of 2,000L was not met ! Even though, they were able to register a new record 13,500L/day, the challenge has consistently been maintaining seasonal fluctuations. This is the main focus for 2016.
Goals for 2016 therefore are : 1. Increase Milk production from 10,000L to 15,000L 2. Professionalise governance in particular the youth council and get more young farmers into dairy farming in 2016
The increased milk volumes must lead to better prices paid to members.

Mise en œuvre : Mumberes Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd

Financement : Agriterra

Budget total : € 49.125

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