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Strengthening producers’ cooperative to improve rural livelihoods and support value chain development (Mozambique)


Titre : Strengthening producers’ cooperative to improve rural livelihoods and support value chain development (Mozambique)

Pays : Mozambique

Durée : 01-10-2015 / 30-09-2016

Code du projet  : 15aka-6354

The project will start up in October 2015 and will last for 12 months (1 year), going up to September 2016, with a total budget of 62,315.00 Euros (sixty two thousand three hundred and fifteen euros), of which 51,300.00 (fifty one thousand and three hundred Euros) is AgriCord/FFD contribution and the remaining 11,015.00 (eleven thousand and fifteen Euros) is AKA contribution.
There are three specific objectives considered in this project, divided into 3 areas of priority, for AKA reinforcement and consolidation ; the first is related to its Institutional and Organizational Development as an umbrella organization of 11 unions of farmers associations, the second with Management Improvement of economic activities, including Inputs, Marketing and Agricultural Production ; and the third with the installation and efficient management of grainding mill.
The activities of these three objectives focus primarily on increasing the capacity to manage the cooperative at governance and operational level, focusing on improving knowledge, skills and behaviors towards enabling the cooperative business environment. The project will be implemented by AKA in collaboration with a Finnish twinning organization, Joutsenten Reitti, identified by FFD.
As Mozambican cooperative AKA identifies itself with the same purposes of Agricord/FFD although on a local small scale ; in that sense AKA also seeks to establish and strengthen of producer organizations by improving their production capacity, increasing their income and making the voice of the interests and priorities of producer groups (lobby and advocacy).
The project’s sustainability is directly linked to the sustainability of AKA, to the extent that the organization’s vision concerns the support to producers to make their business viable and sustainable. The specific objective of the project are towards the sustainability of the cooperative through strengthening of the governing and demand for sustainable and viable business for AKA and its members.
Monitoring and evaluation should start at the grassroots level, progressing "up and out" to the extent that, as the results are being consolidated, there are processed and shared with : (i) unions through local agents and managers, (ii) AKA supervisor and manager (iii) the advisor of the project (coordinator), (iv) and FFD and the twinning organization in Finland. The twinning organization must perform a monitoring visit during the project implementation period, to discuss with the team the progress of their results and identify areas that could be strengthened to improve AKA performance in the future.

Mise en œuvre : AKA Comercial

Financement : Finnish agri-agency for Food and Forest Development

Budget : € 84.390

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