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Improving Production and supply of Niger sees and Sesame (Ethiopie)


Titre : Improving Production and supply of Niger sees and Sesame (Ethiopie)

Pays : Ethiopie

Durée : 01-01-2016 / 31-12-2016

Code du projet  : 16tse-6558

This action plan is designed focusing on : enhancing production and supply of Niger Seed, sesame, increase output marketing of both, capacitating the organization and an exit strategy for the project/C4C. In the previous action plan period the union has executed 98% of all activities planned, the current action plan with diversified activities took in to consideration the union’s previous execution capability and the motivation to shoulder 63.9% of the cost contribution. Tsehay Union annual operation in monetary term has reached 760 Million, the number of member PCs has also increased to 120, and the union seek to use software to efficiently manage its diverse internal operations and members business, which is currently handled manually. Through the internal capitalization scheme, the union has collected 30% of the required capital to set up oil refinery factory, additional activities for mobilizing funds will also extend as part of this action plan. As the project’s time period with back donors is limited, in the absence of continuation, an exit strategy is included in the plan. Objective : Increase Niger seed supply to 10,000, Sesame to 20,000 quintals. Mobilize 1.65 million ETB.

Mise en œuvre : Tsehay Multipurpose Farmer Union Ltd

Financement : Agriterra

Budget : € 52.382

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