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Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support Program (LWWSS)


Lebanon Water and Wastewater Sector Support Program (LWWSS)

Country : Liban

Sector : Water and Sanitation

Project Timeline : 09/30/2009 - 04/30/2015

Project description

USAID/Lebanon’s $34.4 million, six-year (2009 - 2015) Water and Wastewater Sector Support (LWWSS) program is assisting the country’s four regional Water Establishments (WEs) toward financial and operational sustainability. Among the many challenges they face are staff shortages, poor customer relations, low tariffs that fail to recover operating costs, lack of metering, excessive non-revenue water, and underinvestment in infrastructure. The program strengthens WEs’ operational capacity, financial management, customer service, and capital investment planning. The program makes selected investments in equipment and small- scale infrastructure to meet specific high priority needs. Through this program, USAID helps the water governing institutions generate revenues by restoring people’s confidence and willingness to pay

Total obligation : $34.4 million

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