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Selected research on camelid physiology and nutrition.

Bikaner : Camelid Publishers

Auteur(s) : Gahlot T.K. (ed.), Kataria N. (collab.), Yagil R. (collab.), Dahlborn K. (collab.), Bengoumi M. (collab.), Osman T.E.A. (collab.), Faye Bernard (collab.), Gauly M. (collab.), Engelhardt W. von (collab.), Fahmy A.S. (collab.), Tibary A. (collab.), Alhadrami Ghaleb (collab.).

Editeur : Bikaner : Camelid Publishers
Date de parution : 2004
Pages : 845


Selected Research on Camelid Physiology and Nutrition is a compilation of 111 manuscripts related to Camelid Physiology and Nutrition published during the period of 10 years i.e. 1994-2003. The book spreads in 11 sections (864 pages) filled with 111 manuscripts by 191 authors of 22 countries. The countries in order of decreasing numbers of authors are India (26), Saudi Arabia (19), Morocco (16), UAE (16), Egypt (15), USA (15), Germany (13), Iran (13), France (10), Kenya (8), Israel (7), Sudan (6), Ecuador (5), Japan (4), Italy (4), Sweden (3), UK (3), Belgium, China and Pakistan 2 each and one each in Greece and Jordan. Various manuscripts have been placed in appropriate section such as Adaptation/ Stress and Dehydration, Biochemistry. Endocrinology, Enzymology, Haematology, Milk, Nutritional, Respiration and Digestive Physiology, Renal Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, Nutrition and Miscellaneous. While majority of manuscrips are related to the dromedary camels but few are based on Bactrians and New World camelids too

Mots clés : Camelidae, Dromadaire, Chameau, Physiologie de la nutrition, Reproduction, Physiologie animale, Résistance à la sécheresse

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