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LEB- UNDP -Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings


Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : LEB- UNDP -Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings

In Lebanon, 455’000 Palestine refugees are officially registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Some 250’000 of them live in 12 official camps ; others live in and around cities and towns, often in areas called gatherings. There are 42 such gatherings in Lebanon where over 140’000 Palestine refugees live (as well as poor Lebanese and Palestine refugees from Syria). Through this project, SDC aims at contributing to improved living conditions in these gatherings by providing basic urban services.

Pays/Région : Liban

Durée : 01.10.2015 - 30.09.2018

Contexte : Due to the Syria crisis and arrival of refugees, the population in the gatherings has increased from an estimated 110,000 to approximately 140,000 people. The sudden increase in population in these already high density areas has put further strain on basic urban services and infrastructure networks as well as on hygiene and shelter conditions. This issue has affected the stability of the gatherings due to increased tensions between Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS) and host communities as well as between the gatherings and the neighbouring communities.

Objectif : To improve living conditions and enhance stability in Palestinian gatherings in Lebanon

Groupes cibles  : SDC support will cover activities in 34 out of 42 gatherings in Lebanon. These 34 gatherings are located in the South and North of Lebanon and host around 115,000 people (including poor Lebanese, Palestine refugees in Lebanon (PRL) and Palestine Refugees from Syria (PRS). 45,000 of them will directly benefit from SDC’s contribution. In addition, local committees, municipalities, and local NGOs active in the gatherings will benefit from the project through direct engagement and capacity building.

Partenaires  : United Nations Development Programme ; Sub-national State Authority

Swiss Budget : CHF 1’500’000
Budget inclusive project partner  : CHF 8’100’000

Coopération Suisse

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