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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2013)

Sulphur nutrition and wheat production in northern Iran

Shahin Shahsavani

Titre : Sulphur nutrition and wheat production in northern Iran

Auteurs  : Shahin Shahsavani
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2013-05-08
Pages : 332

Speedy development of agriculture is vital to the progress of our country. For securing maximum crop production, the best use of the available land has to be made and the latest methods of crop production put into practice. However this largely depends on the availability of scientific information and guidance on all aspect of agriculture in an easily digestible form. During the last decade sulphur deficiency has become widespread in the world until recently there have been limited responses to S fertilizer, because emissions of S from industry into the atmosphere have traditionally been larger in Europe than in other continents. Since 1970, reduction in the emission of sulphur dioxide from industry has resulted in smaller inputs of wet and dry S deposition from the atmosphere, especially in remote rural areas where atmospheric S deposition is low, deficiency of S most commonly occurs on soils, which have a limited ability to retain available SO4 against leaching, especially in high rainfall areas. This book is systematic work on most aspect of sulphur nutrition of wheat in northern Iran.

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