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Minya Agricultural Development Project (Egypt)


Titre : Minya Agricultural Development Project (Egypt)

Pays : Egypte

Durée : 1982 - 1998

The project aimed to strengthen the Minya governorate’s extension and research services to increase the crop and livestock production of 115,000 small-scale farming households. The project set up 20 chicken-rearing units and distributed vaccinated birds to small-scale poultry producers, especially women. In addition, it established a feed mill and mixing plant and provided support to the Vaccine Production Centre for the production of pathogen-free eggs. The project also supported artificial insemination services for cattle and buffalo, as well as improved animal health services. Credit was granted to small farmers for farm mechanization. The project’s “training and visiting“ system has been adopted by the government as a model to be followed in other governorates.

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 47.8 million
Montant du prêt du FIDA : US$ 23.9 million


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