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Second Agricultural Minimum Package Project (Ethiopia)


Titre : Second Agricultural Minimum Package Project (Ethiopia)

Pays : Ethiopie

Durée : 1980 - 1984

This project was designed to bring basic agricultural inputs and services to large numbers of small farmers. It was an extension of a First Agricultural Minimum Package Project and it covered an area more than three times larger.

The project’s objectives were to help small farmers by providing support for : •use of fertilizers, improved seeds, pesticides and tools •equipment and technical assistance to assist the Ethiopian Seed Corporation to produce basic seeds and to expand seed multiplication and cleaning •construction of low-cost rural roads •applied research, training and field demonstrations to assist in the development of improved seed packages •field staff, vehicles and equipment for an expanded soil and water conservation programme in the worst-affected areas

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 72.7 million
Montant du prêt du FIDA : US$ 14.5 million
World Bank : International Development Association : US$ 40.0 million
Sweden : US$ 0.9 million


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