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Fourth Livestock Development Project (Ethiopia)


Titre : Fourth Livestock Development Project (Ethiopia)

Pays : Ethiopie

Durée : 1987 - 1991

The project focused on improving the livelihoods and food security of small-scale agro-pastoralists in the highlands by addressing the main problems affecting their livestock, including disease and under-nourishment. It supported : •improved animal health by activities including strengthening field services and expanding national-level laboratories, vaccine production and epidemiological services •improved animal nutrition through activities such as improved forage production, intensive small-scale fattening and adaptive research •improved range management and utilization by agro-pastoralists

One of the project’s most important achievements was the successful introduction of several exotic herbaceous and tree legumes. These legumes provide high-quality fodder for livestock and enrich the soil. The project established two animal health and veterinary centres and strengthened vaccine production at the national level.

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 57.2 million
Montant du prêt du FIDA : US$ 5.6 million
World Bank : International Development Association : US$ 39.0 million


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