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Abda Plain Rural Development Project (Morocco)


Titre  : Abda Plain Rural Development Project (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Durée : 1986 - 1995

Institution initiatrice : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

This rural development project was the first to bring assistance to a region with low rainfall. Although agriculture was the main source of income, the region was characterized by fragmented smallholdings, low agricultural output, degraded infrastructure and significant migration towards urban centres.

The project’s aims were to improve living conditions for rural poor people, reduce poverty, increase agricultural production, upgrade infrastructure, strengthen existing institutions and organizations, and offer better prospects for income security and social and economic stability in order to check the migration from rural areas. Smallholders also benefited from credit and support services.

In general, the project’s physical objectives (road infrastructure, rehabilitation and construction of health care centres, water supply conveyance and plantations) were achieved. However, outreach and farm credit posed a number of problems : fewer farmers than planned received training, and the demand for farm credit, which was to be the project’s main instrument, decreased rather than increased.

Groupes cibles : Le projet a distingué une "zone focale", constituée par 13 communes des Abda et du Sahel, comptant 22 000 exploitations de moins de 50 ha. Le groupe cible dans cette zone était constitué de 9 500 petites et moyennes exploitations dont 7 240 de moins de 10 ha et 1 675 de 10 à 20 ha. Dans le reste de la province, le projet avait prévu des actions diffuses - couvrant toute la province - et des actions spécifiques localisées hors zone focale. Ces actions n’ont pas fait l’objet d’un ciblage particulier.

Partenaire  : Provincial Agriculture Division ; Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 41.9 million
Montant du financement FIDA : US$ 8.0 million
Islamic Development Bank : US$ 6.3 million
World Food Programme : US$ 4.0 million

Présentation IFAD

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