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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2012)

Health Promotion in Northern Ghana The Contribution of NGOs

Samuel George Anarwat

Health Promotion in Northern Ghana The Contribution of NGOs

Auteurs  : Samuel George Anarwat
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2012-08-29
Pages : 100


“Health is the greatest wealth” –Virgil. “Every human being is the author of his own health and disease”-Budha. The top ten killer diseases in Ghana are preventable. Health policies geared towards health promotion will improve quality of life. As developing countries increasingly face health budget constraints, the role of NGOs in health promotion becomes vital. In Northern Ghana, many NGOs undertake diverse health projects to improve quality of life. The book explores the contribution of NGOs to health promotion in Northern Ghana. It is an output of an empirical research in northern Ghana. It expounds on the duplication of efforts in NGOs operations and concepts of health promotion in the context of Ghana : community health, mutual health organizations, sector-wide approach (SWAP), and partners in health care. The book recommends coordination of NGOs activities ; increase networking and collaboration among them and the District Assemblies as an effective tool for health promotion and the integration of peace building and conflict management in their projects. The book is a useful resource for students and practitioners of public health and community development.

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