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Local Migration Governance (Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia)

Afrique du Nord (Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia)

Direction du Développement de la Coopération (Suisse)

Titre : Local Migration Governance (Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia)

Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia are strongly affected by migration. Local authorities are interested in acquiring the necessary skills to better use this migration for local development. Therefore, the SDC Global Program for Migration and Development has tasked the Joint Migration for Development Initiative of the European Commission and the UNDP with providing local authorities in selected municipalities with the know-how on cooperating with other local governments and civil society organizations in order to use the potential of migration for the sustainable development of their municipalities

Pays/Région : Global

Durée : 01.10.2012 - 31.03.2016

The effectiveness of ‘Migration & Development’ (M&D) activities depends on the functioning of strategic partnerships between decentralized governments and the civil society. Effective ‘M&D’ actions ensure protection of human and labour rights of migrants. For an effective migration management at local level, adequate, administrative and institutional capacities are needed, as well as sufficient coherence and consistency towards key issues such as labour mobility, social security for migrant workers and a coordinated approach to labour migration among all local stakeholders involved in the migration process (bottom-up approach).

Local governments’ migration management capacities to engage effectively into partnerships with civil society are enhanced in order to benefit from the potentials of migration for development. Thus, identified local authorities and civil society organizations together effectively use and realize the potential of migration for local development.

Groupes cibles  : •Morocco : Local authorities and civil society organizations in the regions of l’Oriental and Souss Draa •Tunisia : Idem in gouvernorats of Medenine and Kasserine, where SDC manages sub-offices •Egypt : Idem, selection presently pending and subject of harmonization with SDC program bureau activities

Partenaires  : United Nations Development Programme

Swiss Budget : CHF 3’082’300
Budget inclusive project partner  : CHF 3’600’000

Coopération Suisse

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