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Agricultural Sector Programme (Eritrea)


Titre : Agricultural Sector Programme (Eritrea)

Secteur : Poverty alleviation / Agricultural Development

Pays bénéficiaires : Erythrée

Organisme chargé du suivi : Ministry of Agriculture

Durée : 1996 - 2000

A.Objectifs : Pilotphase for a sector programme aiming at providing sustenance of rural livelihoods through a combination of improved crop and livestock productivity and production achieved under sustainable and improved use as well as protection of the country’s natural resources
B.Activités : The project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture (central and decentral) to plan and implement activities with a view to increasing food security and agricultural production as well as improving the standard of living of farmers. The project is composed of four main components : Daily/Livestock development, National Crop Seed development, National Tree Seed development, and Integrated Watershed Development.
C.Résultats attendus : The project should support the Government of Eritrea’s priorities in achieving food security, environmental protection, and sectoral development. The experiences of the pilotphase will provide input to the Danish/Eritrean formulation of a broader sector programme in the agricultural sector.

Pays donateur : Danida (Denmark)

Type de financement : Danish contribution : 112 mill. DKK

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