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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (2012)

Mineral Nutrition in Camel

Temesgen Desalegn

Mineral Nutrition in Camel

Auteurs  : Temesgen Desalegn
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2012-04-30
Pages : 148


Although camel is known, due to its multifaceted use, as a “multipurpose animal “or “all-purpose animal”, it is the most neglected and under-exploited species of our domestic animals. As a result, little has been known about camel husbandry and management, pathology, productive and reproductive potentials. It is common knowledge that animals require certain essential minerals for maintenance and production. Information on the concentration of critical minerals in feeds, indigenous mineral supplements and serum is crucial pre-requisite for improvement of the mineral deficiencies/toxicities of animal diets for the improved performance. Written in a practical and user-friendly style, this book aims to help the readers and the researchers in this area to understand :  Indigenous knowledge of pastoralists on mineral deficiency signs and perceived importance of supplementation to camels.  Feed resources and indigenous mineral supplements of camel in Jijiga Woreda, Ethiopia.  Critical macro and micro minerals content of the camel feeds, indigenous mineral supplements and serum.  Effect of seasons on mineral concentration of forages, indigenous mineral supplements and serum.

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