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Science of The Total Environment

Elsevier Ltd.

 Science of The Total Environment

Publisher : Elsevier Ltd.

Informations sur le journal

The journal is an international medium for publication of original research on the environment with emphasis on changes caused by human activities. It is concerned with changes in the natural levels and distribution of chemical elements and their compounds that may affect the well-being of the living world, or represent a threat to human health. Papers in applied environmental chemistry and environmental health sciences are particularly encouraged. The scope is multidisciplinary and international and the subjects covered include : (a) all aspects of the contamination or pollution of air, water, soil and the human food chain ; (b) natural and human-induced environmental changes at the global, regional and local levels ; (c) environmental risk management, remediation & treatment and environmental policy appraisal ; (d) effects on human and ecosystem health related to abnormalities in the level and distribution of chemical elements and their compounds in the environment ; (e) novel techniques and methods of chemistry and biochemistry applicable to environmental problems and environmental health ; (f) gene-environment interactions.

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