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Raymah Area Development Project (Yemen)


Titre : Raymah Area Development Project (Yemen)

Pays : Yemen

Durée : 1997 - 2006

Institution initiatrice : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
Emprunteur : The Republic of Yemen
Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MAI)

Who Are the Beneficiaries ?
The project is intended to benefit directly or indirectly most of the inhabitants of Raymah, who by conventional measures of poverty (income and consumption levels that can sustain a bare minimum standard of living, as well as the social indicators of welfare) is among the poorest areas of Yemen. The improvement of the physical infrastructure will benefit a broad section of Raymah inhabitants while the project support for agriculture will be targeted to some 12 000 small farm families (nearly 100 000 people or about 40% of the population of Raymah).

Why Are They Poor ?
Poverty is endemic to rural Yemen and is due to by a poor resource base and the primitive technologies used in its exploitation and by a process of marginalization of remote locations and communities. Within the rural areas, Raymah, for political reasons, limited natural resources or rugged terrain, has shared less in the benefits of the limited development efforts that the country has witnessed in the past 25 years.

What Will the Project Do for Them ?
The project will assist the inhabitants of Raymah to organize into groups around common economic and social interests so as to demand investments and services relevant to their needs. It will seek to improve living standards by improving roads and village water supplies. It will also seek to raise income levels by focusing on the dissemination of improved agricultural technologies and management practices. It will provide skills training linked to credit to enhance opportunities for off farm income generation.

How Will Beneficiaries Participate in the Project ?
The project will assist with the formation of community associations and groups which will then generate demand for project services (community development investment proposals and subjects to be covered under on-farm technology demonstrations) and thus ensure their relevance to the communities. Project ownership will be further strengthened by requiring communities to contribute an estimated USD 1.1 million to construction and operation and maintenance of community demanded investments and services thereby enhancing their future sustainability. These community institutions offer a means by which resource poor households can be empowered

Partenaire (s)  : United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) ; Government of Yemen

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 17.0 million
Montant du financement US$ 12.1 million
Contribution de l’emprunteur : USD 2.82 million
Contribution des bénéficiaires : USD 1.09 million

Présentation : IFAD

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