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Eastern Regional Agricultural Development Project (Yemen)


Eastern Regional Agricultural Development Project (Yemen)

Pays : Yemen

Durée : 1988 - 1997

Institution initiatrice : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Emprunteur : The Republic of Yemen

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (MAAR)


The project built on the successful Agricultural Support Services Project and worked to reduce poverty and promote agricultural development in the Eastern Region. The target group consisted of some of the poorest people in the country, including poor farming households cultivating less than 1 ha per family, nomadic herders and rural women in general.

The project’s objectives included : •strengthening cooperatives by improving their management and making them more effective •making maximum use of resources to help small farmers increase the productivity of their land and livestock •improving irrigation practices to increase water supplies and bring fallow land under production •providing credit for the purchase of farm inputs •strengthening extension and animal health services

Partenaire (s)  : Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) ; United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ; World Food Programme (WFP) ; Government of Yemen

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 24.5 million
Montant du financement FIDA : US$ 10.5 million
Islamic Development Bank : US$ 7.1 million
United Nations Development Program : US$ 0.5 million
World Food Programme : US$ 0.5 million
Contribution de l’emprunteur : US$ 7,0 million

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