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Water Supply Development Project in Santiago Island (Cape Verde)

Cap Vert

Titre : Water Supply Development Project in Santiago Island (Cape Verde)

Pays : Cap Vert

Date d’approbation : 2013/12/20

The Republic of Cape Verde is an island country comprising 15 islands of differing sizes off the west coast of Africa (refer to the map). With the annual rainfall averaging about 225 millimeters and the islands being volcanic in origin, the extremely low precipitation and limited potential for underground water mean chronic water shortages. It is therefore difficult to satisfy the water demand merely with surface and underground water, making it desirable to increase the capacity to supply drinking water through desalination. Home to about half of the nation’s population, Santiago Island has a large demand for drinking water, and there is a need to improve the economic efficiency and stability of the water supply during the dry season when local governments interchange water. The construction and installation of an island-wide water supply network is expected to bring a stable supply of safe drinking water to the entire island.

Santiago Island, where the capital of Praia is located, faces the problem of insufficient water, and this project will construct and install desalination and water transmission facilities to interconnect the water supply systems of local island governments, stabilizing the supply of drinking water and improving access to safe water, thereby improving the living environment for residents and stimulating the economy of Cape Verde. In addition, this project will contribute to finding substitute water sources and conserving underground water resources in the Republic of Cape Verde, where water shortages are growing serious. Funds from the loan will be allocated to the construction and installation of water supply facilities (including desalination and water transmission facilities), as well as expenses for consulting services (for detailed design work, bidding assistance and construction monitoring). This project requires energy-saving, efficient membrane desalination and high-pressure water transmission technologies, areas where Japanese companies have strong technical capabilities, and given the high opinion that the Republic of Cape Verde has of Japanese technology, this project is eligible for the Special Terms for Economic Partnership (STEP) and is the first STEP project in Cape Verde.

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Environment, Housing and Land Development

Montant du prêt : 15,292 Amount (million yen)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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