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Fostering Value-Added Activities in Western Mongolia


Titre : Fostering Value-Added Activities in Western Mongolia

Pays : Mongolie

Code projet : 49192-001

Secteur : Agriculture, natural resources and rural development - Agricultural policy, institutional and capacity development

Date approbation : 16 December 2015

The proposed TA will support private sector development in the rural-based, western region. The TA will strengthen coordination between the three aimags of the western region with a focus on improving access to export markets. It will also improve the capacity for investment and market analysis among businesses, aimag authorities, and other stakeholders. It was included in COBP.
A large expansion in mining has underpinned rapid economic growth in Mongolia, with gross domestic product (GDP) rising at an average rate of 12% per annum from 2011 to 2014. But mining is capital-intensive and employs less than 4% of the workforce, and the economy is now overly vulnerable to downturns in mining investment and in energy and mineral prices. Agriculture remains the single largest source of employment and employs one third of the workforce while it generates one sixth of GDP. To achieve inclusive growth, it is important to balance the promotion of mining with efforts to develop agriculture and other competitive non-mining sectors. Economic diversification will help reduce the vulnerability of the economy and sustain employment creation. Yet Mongolia’s rural economy is constrained by a lack of experience in private sector development, low penetration of business and technical skills, and trade restrictions.

ADB Financing : US$ 815,000.00

Asian Development Bank

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