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Projet d’appui aux communautés forestières locales Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Titre : Projet d’appui aux communautés forestières locales Burkina Faso

Numéro de projet : P149434,

Durée : 16 septembre 2015 / 30 juin 2020

Pays : Burkina Faso

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to strengthen the capacity of targeted local communities in the Targeted Regions of Burkina Faso to participate in REDD+ programs at local, national and global levels.
The activities planned under the Local Forest Communities Support Project (LFCSP) will be specifically oriented toward the local population of 12 provinces and 32 targeted communes that have the same geographical coverage as the FIP. The direct beneficiaries were active partners in the design and development of the Project and include village groups, farmers, pastoralists, traditional healers, traditional authorities, youth organizations, women, and vulnerable population groups. Activities to be implemented were identified by these groups. The specific beneficiaries will be selected based on the development of sub-projects as described in components 1 and 2.
In addition to the targeted local communities, beneficiaries will include other subnational actors, including decentralized technical services (Forest, Environment, Agriculture, Livestock, and Research), civil society (Non-Governmental Organization - NGOs, Associations) and local authorities (Municipalities and Regions). The Project will also indirectly benefit other stakeholders such as training and research centers at regional, national and international levels.
Inclusive and equitable process. The Project is being developed through a participatory approach from the outset. Project design meetings with members of civil society were held in each of the five regions and 32 communes corresponding to the FIP program. This participatory approach allowed the selection of the members of the National Steering Committee (NSC) which compose the final validating group for the selection of projects. In addition, members of civil society and representatives of the various groups of stakeholders across the country have selected members of the interim steering committee. This committee was also the counterpart to the Bank. A full list of communes, as well as a map of the target areas is provided
Focus on integrating the gender dimension. Women’s participation in the development and processing of certain activities such as Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) is well recognized in Burkina Faso. As such, women are considered integral stakeholders in the Burkina Faso DGM and have been involved throughout the DGM process at the national level. The inclusion of gender sensitive dimensions of the DGM will focus on encouraging further participation and gender balance will be one of the selection criteria considered for recipients of these activities. Forty percent of direct project beneficiaries and twenty percent of forest users that will be trained are women.

Montant total du projet : USD 4.50 millions

Présentation : Banque Mondiale

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