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Youth in Lebanon and Jordan promote cultural heritage

Méditerranée : Jordan, Lebanon

Euromed Heritage IV Programme

Youth in Lebanon and Jordan promote cultural heritage

Foundations for a strong future

Pays : Méditerranée : Jordan, Lebanon

Durée : 15.01.09 To 30.04.12

Coordinateur : Mercy Corps Lebanon


Mercy Corps’ civil society experience in Lebanon and Jordan has affirmed the need to place Arab young people, both children and youth, at the centre of the process of building a knowledge society : both groups are inheriting countries that are built on diverse histories and traditions of rich cultural heritage that will serve to unify and instill confidence and pride.
The aim of this project is to support cultural heritage as one aspect of “public wealth” that should be collectively celebrated and protected, by promoting a message of ownership at the local level through multilingual educational resources for schools, multimedia activities with youth and children, public events for the broader public, and capacity building of cultural heritage NGOs and museums to engage young people through developmentally-appropriate tools.
The events and activities of the project will engage young people through online resources, field visit and local and national cultural events. Moreover, national museums and heritage sites in Lebanon and Jordan will become hubs for education, celebration of cultural heritage and knowledge dissemination.
The target and beneficiaries of the project will be youth, educators, students, NGOs and Museums, parents, and the general public Mercy Corps has partnered in Lebanon with the Lebanese NGO “APSAD” and the Beirut National Museum and in Jordan with JOHUD and the Jordan Museum, providing a team with expertise in cultural heritage, youth outreach and dialogue, community development and multimedia education.

Partenaires : APSAD - Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings in Lebanon (Lebanon) •Beirut National Museum - Ministry of Culture, Directorate General of Antiquities (Lebanon) •JOHUD - Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (Jordan) •The Jordan Museum (Jordan)

Budget : € 919.121

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