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Afghanistan, Kabul : Women Education, Professional Training and Job Placement


Titre : Afghanistan, Kabul : Women Education, Professional Training and Job Placement

Pays : Afghanistan

Numéro projet : 2014-022

Durée : Project start date : October 2014 - Project end date : October 2015

After decades of female subordination in Afghanistan, women and girls remain under-educated and under-employed. The historically marginalized position of women in Afghan society - dramatically deteriorated under the subsequent rules of the Mujahedeen (1992-1996) and the Taliban (1996-2001) - caused a feminization of poverty and increased the number of vulnerable women, especially widows (Afghanistan has 1.5 million widows, one of the highest proportions in the world). Although in recent years there has been a significant push to increase women’s literacy and professional education, according to the Government figures, only 26% of Afghanistan’s population is literate and among women the rate lowers to 12%

The project adopts tested procedures that optimise a correct selection of the beneficiaries and their effective education/training, as well as fostering job opportunities. A committee composed by members of Nove Onlus, Pada, the Ministry of Women Affairs and the Elderly Council of the District jointly select the applicants, considering their economic and social status, as well as their motivation and capacity to attend. Nove Onlus senior gender expert sets up the training centre’s management procedures and monitoring tools, and supervises the entire process. 340 vulnerable women undergo one of the professional training-programmes (English, Computing, Cooking & Catering), 45 attend instead the Adult Literacy Courses. The job placement service offered by the project supports the trained women to find a job or start an independent activity. Collaboration with the local authorities is crucial in gaining the approval and endorsement of the trainees’ families, which is key to the project’s success. It also allows the dissemination of good practices and project’s results in order to raise its visibility and link the trained women to the public employment.

Bénéficiaire (s) : Associazione Nove Onlus

Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation

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