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National inventory of hydraulic structures in Mali


Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (Foundation of Netherlands Volunteers)

Titre : National inventory of hydraulic structures in Mali

Date : 2014

Pays : Mali

In 2014, SNV collaborated with the Akvo foundation in an experiment based on the introduction of smartphones for collecting data on the situation of villages in drinking water supply as well as the monitoring of the operation of water sources. The experiment was carried out in 120 villages spread across four (4) municipalities in the region of Koulikoro.
Given the positive results of this project in 2014, the National Directorate of Water (DNH) in partnership with SNV, the Akvo Foundation and UNICEF have launched a project of National Inventory of hydraulic structures in Mali through the use of smartphones equipped with Android application.
The inventory project will be in two (2) phases. A first phase for a period of eight (8) months will take place in the regions of Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Segou, Mopti and the District of Bamako. The second phase will take place in the three (3) Northern regions and will start after the end of the first phase. During this second phase, in addition to the inventory of hydraulic structures in the three (3) areas, there will be the transfer of the monitoring of water sources to local authorities for its sustainability.
The project involves the provision of the DNH with data and comprehensive information in relation to access to safe drinking water by the populations of villages, hamlets, sites, rural centers, urban and semi urban centers with a comprehensive inventory of the different hydraulic structures and their specific properties and a test of the analysis of water quality in a limited area. This test area will be defined in close cooperation with the DNH.

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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