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Zoologica Scripta

John Wiley & Sons

  Zoologica Scripta

Published on behalf of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Informations sur le journal

Zoologica Scripta publishes empirical, theoretical, and methodological papers, review articles and debate comments and replies dealing with zoological diversity, taxonomy and systematics in a phylogenetic context. Purely taxonomic papers (like species descriptions without putting these in a wider systematic context) will not be considered, and preference will be given to studies addresssing phylogeny, biogeography, and palaeontology using morphological, molecular and bioinformatic methods. Phylogeographic studies must have clear systematic/taxonomic conclusions to be considered.

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Disponible à partir de January 1981 Vol. 10 Issue 1

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