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African Plant Protection

African Plant Protection

Published under the auspices of the Agricultural Research Council, and supported by the Nematological Society of Southern Africa and the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology.

Informations sur le journal

Scope of the Journal

African Plant Protection provides a unique forum for research in the plant protection sciences, and sets out to promote African authorship and/or contents. The journal is multidisciplinary, and includes original research and review articles, both basic and applied, in pest management of crops and plants. Abstracts of symposia and meetings are published as the need arises. It is an accredited journal in South Africa.


The Editors recognize that the protection of plants on the African continent, whether indigenous or agricultural crops, is essential for the continued physical and spiritual sustenance of humankind. It is therefore of great importance that research should be encouraged and that a common outlet for research be sought through a journal that maintains high standards with regard to both scientific contents and physical appearance.

Publication frequency : 1 volume per year

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Disponible à partir de Volume 7, Number 1, 2001 (Discontinued)

En 2013 Current Issue : Volume 16, 2010

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