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Watershed Management (for Dryland Agriculture)

Associated Publishing Company

Titre : Watershed Management (for Dryland Agriculture)

Auteur (s) : M.C. Oswal
Publisher  : Associated Publishing Company
Date de parution : 2016 First Published, 2000
Pages : 201

Several Universities in India and some other countries have recently included Watershed Managaement as a subject of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and a few books are available in the market as teaching tools. They are largely based on either case studies or of soil water engineering and do not exactly cover a complete spectrum of the subject. The present book is an attempt to fill this gap. The entire text in the book is presented in a simple and lucid language with numerical problems and their solutions at appropriate places. It is hoped that the book will serve as an important study material on watershed for students, teachers, scientists and others engaged in the watershed development programme.

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