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Botswana (2004)

Avi-tourism : Birds in Botswana

Motsumi Sekgowa

Titre : Avi-tourism : Birds in Botswana

Pays : Botswana

Zone d’intervention : Okavango Delta

Date : 2004

Bénéficiaire : Motsumi Sekgowa

BirdLife Botswana Crane Working Group is to carry out a pilot project in “avi-tourism” with a community, which is engaged in natural resources management in the Okavango Delta. The funds will be used to assist this community to expand their enterprises to include bird tours. The group will customise an existing community course from within the BirdLife Partnership to train local guides within the pilot community in bird guiding and business skills. The main aims will be to train local guides in bird guiding, train the local community in business skills and assist community guides to market their bird tours. The group will be assisted by Andre Botha from BirdLife South Africa, who has extensive experience in conducting courses for local guides and communities.

The Rufford Foundation

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