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Red Sea Geothermal Provinces

CRC Press

Titre : Red Sea Geothermal Provinces

Provides detailed information on geothermal provinces and geothermal resources evaluation of all the countries around the Red sea. •indicates how geothermal energy can make countries conventional energy independent and helps to upgrade their GDP and socio economic status. •shows how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and develop clean development mechanism and earn carbon credits and support GDP growth. •information on how to use geothermal power for desalination and how to reduce oil imports or save oil consumption and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emission and earn carbon credits. • provides information for project formulation for investors.

Auteur (s) : D. Chandrasekharam, Aref Lashin, Nassir Al Arifi, Abdulaziz M Al-Bassam
Publisher  : CRC Press
Date de parution : June 2016
Pages : 222

As a consequence of the continental break up and sea floor spreading along the Red Sea axis, the countries around the Red Sea i.e. Egypt, Eretria, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, experienced intensive tectonic and magmatic activities. The Afar triple junction experienced intense seafloor spreading, resulting in the formation of the East African rift system. Assessment of geothermal resources in all these countries brings awareness to policy makers and renewable energy experts to develop these resources and prepare an energy source mix concept in all these regions.
The book includes geological, geophysical and geochemical investigations on the geothermal provinces in the countries mentioned above and analyzes the usage of fossil fuel and emissions of carbon dioxide and provides mitigation strategies for emission reduction, without compromising energy supply and energy security. The information and data published in this book will be useful to policymakers, investors, climate change experts, research scholars in geology, geophysics, petroleum geology and geothermal engineers and scientists. With global markets open, investment opportunities exists in all the countries and investors are looking for such opportunities to expand their business. This book thus play a key role in the global energy market.


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