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Sri Krishnadevaraya University (1996)

Plant biodiversity in a protected tropical arid zone ecosystem


Titre : Plant biodiversity in a protected tropical arid zone ecosystem

Auteur : Sreenivasulu,V.

Université de soutenance : Sri Krishnadevaraya University


Environmental degradation, especially through deforestation has been a major concern in tropical arid zones. The viable option identified for ecorestoration in degraded forests is imparting protection, thereby allowing natural regeneration. Natural regeneration is ecologically and economically effective process and requires only the exclusion of interference by human beings and domesticated animals which are mainly responsible for the initial degradation.
The 40 ha study area is a laboratory for land regeneration. The ecorestoration process adopted by the ‘Timbaktu’ tried to provide an experience of the wholeness of an untouched natural environment in the protected area. The biodiversity measurements done in the study area highlights the impact of protection on species diversity. The protection favours the dissemination mechanism in the occuring vegetation. The protected zone probably represent the richest flora in Peninsular India arid zones with 309 species for 40 ha area. Further the microclimate in the protected-site influenced the animal diversity also.
The present experimentation has proved the ‘resiliency’ of a degraded forest in arid zone, if protection is given. The good regeneration of tree species in the protected area confirms this.

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