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Contribution Pronasar 2014 - 2015, Common Fund Water and Sanitation (Mozambique)


Titre : Contribution Pronasar 2014 - 2015, Common Fund Water and Sanitation (Mozambique)

Pays : Mozambique

Code projet : 2003-00/2014

Secteur : Wasserversorgung und sanitäre Einrichtungen

Période d’exécution : 01.01.2014 — 31.12.2015

Projektträger : Ministry of Public Works and Housing

One focus of ADC’s engagement in Mozambique is to support sustainable public water supply and sanitation services in an inclusive and equitable manner. 70 percent of the country’s population lives in rural conditions and the relevant MDGs for water and sanitation for these people are unlikely to be met without an increase in investment and more effective coordination and utilisation of resources in the sector.
The National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (NRWSSP) is a joint effort between the Government of Mozambique, development partners, NGOs and the private sector to reach the MDG target of rural water supply and sanitation till 2015. _ Specifically the program aims that an additional 7.4 million rural inhabitants will be covered by improved water and sanitation facilities : - Increasing the present rural water supply coverage from 48.5 percent to 70 percent by 2015 requires the provision of up to 17,000 new or rehabilitated water points and 151 small supply systems - while increasing sanitation coverage from 39 percent to 50% by 2015 requires the construction of up to 493,000 improved latrines.

At central level the National Directorate of Water is responsible for implementation, at provincial and district level the Directorates of Public Works and Housing (Department of Water and Sanitation). At local level Community Water Supply and Sanitation Committees are supported in planning, maintaining and monitoring of the improved water supply and sanitation facilities.
The common fund, Pronasar, is the most important funding mechanism in NRWSSP. Following the national planning, reporting and budgeting cycles the yearly economic and social plan for the water and sanitation sector is developed. The annual implementation plans specifies the annual targets and the performance indicators for the common fund.

Financement : € 1.800.000,00

Austrian Development Agency

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