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Sri Krishnadevaraya University (1985)

Drought prone area programme with special reference to dairy development in Cuddapah district

Padmavati, K.

Titre  : Drought prone area programme with special reference to dairy development in Cuddapah district

Auteur : Padmavati, K.

Université de soutenance : Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Grade : Master of Philosophy 1985

The agricultural crops are regular victims of such vagaries of nature which adversely effect the economy of the areas affected. The people inhabiting such areas cannot exclusively depend for their livelihood on farming alone. Hence they have < to look forward for other sources of suste- nance. Farming is a part of agriculture. There are more agricultural jobs off the farm than there on the farm.
Dairying and the production of various milk products played a big role in developed and developing countries long before dairying was known in Europe. Milk availability was not a problem* but only the organised dairying like collection transportation and preserving and marketing was a hurdle in the path of dairy industry in all the proceeding years. The absence of organised dairying leaves the producers of the milk* making them dependent on whims and fancies of the middle men resulting in a megre and uncertain income and prospects for them. _In the first two chapters an appraisal is made of existing reinvent factors regarding the development of dairy industry in developed and developing countries. Some notable achievements in the field of dairying in India and Andhra Pradesh are mentioned separately in the third and fourth chapters. In the fourth chapter* reference is made to the numerous schemes implemented under the Drought Prone Ares Programme In the district of Cuddapah* special emphasis being laid on dairy development in Proddatur Taluk. An economic profile of the taluk of Proddatur in Cuddapah district is furnished to provide a fair idea of the economic situation of the taluk. The required material for the same is obtained from the Cuddapah District Geszltteer* District Census Hand Book* statistical abstract and credit plans).
With a view to studying the effects of these programmes particularly the programme relating to the distri bution of milch cattle on a subsidised basis* a case study of the programme as it operated in a few villages in and around Proddatur taluk is presented in Chapter XV.
A questionnaire, shown in the appendix was adminis tered on 72 beneficiaries classified under marginal small farmer and land less categories. Attempts are also made to study the influence of bank credit made available for this purpose by the local banks. The investigation also included a reference to collection Centres as well as the milk routes.

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