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Prevention of food insecurity and malnutrition in Niger


Pays /Région : Niger

Code du projet : OSRO/NER/104/USA

Durée : 02/06/2011-30/11/2012


Objectif (s) : To strengthen coordination of emergency food security response through food security needs analysis and assessments, and promote best practices in order to meet the needs of vulnerable households through better food security situation analysis, vulnerable household targeting, response and information sharing.

Activités : Conducted a regional household food security and economy survey to improve information on the food security situation and household needs. •Supervised programme monitoring and evaluation to improve feedback for project impact assessments. •Monitored rainy season agriculture and fodder production in the Niger. •Trained field monitoring agents and farmers on seed production, vegetable gardening irrigation and good agricultural production techniques. •Organized workshops at the regional level on seed production, post harvest management, seed distribution and legislation. •Organized regular meetings of the subregional committees on food crises prevention and management. •Organized field missions with food security and nutrition partners, including national and decentralized Government structures, on a regular basis. •Issued quarterly reports about the food security situation, field activities, and other related information in the Niger.


Bénéficiaires : Decision makers in Government, donors, UN partners, NGOs, members of the Food Security Cluster and vulnerable rural households including malnourished children or children at risk of malnutrition.

Partenaires : National and regional Government institutions and international and local NGOs.

Financement : United States of America

Contribution : USD 400 000

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