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Rhodes University (2014)

Host relations of Kalaharituber pfeilii (Henn.) Trappe & Kagan-Zur

Ntshakaza, Pamella

Titre : Host relations of Kalaharituber pfeilii (Henn.) Trappe & Kagan-Zur

Auteur : Ntshakaza, Pamella

Université de soutenance : Rhodes University

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2014

Kalaharituber pfeilii (Henn.) Trappe & Kagan-Zur commonly known as the “Kalahari truffle” is a desert truffle species identified from the Kalahari region of southern Africa. Truffles are hypogeous fruiting bodies of Ascomycetes, important to humans for their nutritional value and medicinal characteristics. These truffles are known as desert truffles as they prefer to occur under arid or semi-arid conditions characteristic of deserts. Truffle development depends on the presence of a mycorrhizal host, associated microorganisms as well as soil and climatic characteristics. The objective of this study was to provide conclusive evidence that S. ciliata var. capensis is a host of the Kalahari truffle.

Mots clés  : Ascomycetes — Kalahari Desert — Medicinal plants — Edible fungi — Kalahari Desert — Truffles — Desert plants — Mycorrhizas — Stipa

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