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Kenya : A Natural Outlook Geo-Environmental Resources and Hazards

Academic Press

Titre : Kenya : A Natural Outlook Geo-Environmental Resources and Hazards

Book Serie : Developments in Earth Surface Processes Vol 16

Combines different aspects of physical geography, water and soil resources and their management strategies •Includes specific case studies

Edited by : Paolo Paron, Daniel Ochieng Olago and Christian Thine Omuto
Publisher  : Academic Press
Date de parution : 2013
Pages : 374

Kenya is a thriving country in East Africa : its economy is largely based on the natural environment that frames the tourism sector, mainly through safaris and holidays on the coast. The natural environment also underpins the second largest industry : agriculture. Kenya’s social, technological, and industrial developments are a reference for many neighboring countries. Kenya plays a leading role in Africa and attracts huge amounts of investments. Furthermore, the humanitarian community has made Nairobi its base for international headquarters and regional offices. This makes Kenya a possible model for development and investment in its widest sense. This book aims at updating the holistic view on Kenya’s natural environment and resources. It provides a sound scientific introduction to this country’s physical and socioeconomic setting and its evolution through time and will appeal to a broad audience of students – in Kenya and abroad – as well as those working in the development and humanitarian sectors and to international donors looking for a scientific compendium on Kenya’s environment. Its structure and references allow the reader to deepen his or her knowledge of every theme touched on in the book

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