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Non-Bovine Milk and Milk Products

Academic Press

Titre : Non-Bovine Milk and Milk Products

Discusses important social, economic, and environmental aspects of the production and distribution of non-bovine milk and milk products •Provides insight into non-bovine milk from a broad range of relevant perspectives with contributions from leading researchers around the world •Focuses on current concerns including animal health and welfare, product safety, and production technologies •Serves as a valuable resource for those involved in the non-cow milk sector

Edited by : Tsakalidou & Papadimitriou
Publisher  : Academic Press
Date de parution : 21 Jun 2016
Pages : 286

Non-Bovine Milk and Milk Products presents a compiled and renewed vision of the knowledge existing as well as the emerging challenges on animal husbandry and non-cow milk production, technology, chemistry, microbiology, safety, nutrition, and health, including current policies and practices. Non-bovine milk products are an expanding means of addressing nutritional and sustainable food needs around the world. While many populations have integrated non-bovine products into their diets for centuries, as consumer demand and acceptance have grown, additional opportunities for non-bovine products are emerging. Understanding the proper chain of production will provide important insight into the successful growth of this sector. This book is a valuable resource for those involved in the non-cow milk sector, e.g. academia, research institutes, milk producers, dairy industry, trade associations, government, and policy makers.


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