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Regular short courses UNESCO-IHE (Delft)


Regular short courses UNESCO-IHE (Delft)

- UNESCO-IHE offers a wide range of short, intensive and highly specialised courses for mid-career and senior experts who wish to upgrade and refresh their knowledge and skills. They are intended for individuals or groups of professionals with a specific area of interest, and limited time at their disposal.

- The short courses are held in Delft and vary in length from one to four weeks. They also vary in focus and content, ranging from specialised technical issues, to management challenges and approaches.

- The educational methods used in these short courses include lectures, individual or group exercises in the classroom, at the computer, or in the laboratory. Fieldwork, excursions and field visits to relevant institutions are often part of the courses, allowing the participants to come into contact with practical examples of the theory described. Through case studies, role-plays and workshops, the content is made more interactive, and the participants are able to share their experiences.

- Most of our short courses are eligible for NFP fellowships (see the website ). Nationals from around 60 countries can apply for a NFP fellowship via the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate.

- Example of course : Spate Irrigation and Water Management under Drought and Water Scarcity

  • Spate irrigation is an ancient form of water harvesting and managing unpredictable and sometimes destructive flash floods for crop and livestock production.
  • The system is unique to semi arid and arid areas where it has existed for over 70 centuries. Today spate irrigation is still the major source of livelihood for many poor communities in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, whereas the area under spate irrigation is on the increase in the Horn of Africa and other parts sub-Saharan
  • Start date : 10/Sep/08 | End date : 21/Sep/08

- For more information about UNESCO-IHE’s short courses,

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