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June 29 - July 05, 2008 Huhhot, China

International Grassland Congress and International Rangeland Congress

Joint meeting : IGC and IRC

- International Grassland Congress and International Rangeland Congress

  • June 29 - July 05, 2008 Huhhot, China

- The Organizing Committee, involving the Chinese Grassland Society and the Inner Mongolia Government, cordially invite you to participate in the 2008 Joint Meeting of the International Grassland Congress and the International Rangeland Congress on 29th June - 5th July, 2008 in Hohhot, China.
- It is the first time that IGC and IRC have met together to allow an international exchange and discussion on the multi-function of grasslands and rangelands in a changing world. This will be a significant milestone in the history of IGC and IRC, and in research and development of grasslands and rangelands. China, with its breathtaking scenery and outstanding hospitality, is proud to host this event.

- Themes

  • Theme A : Grasslands/Rangelands Resources & Ecology
    • Ecology of Grasslands and Rangelands
    • Soil Quality and Plant Nutrition
    • Soil-Plant-Animal Interrelationships
    • Sustainability Indicators for the Use and Conservation of Grassland/Rangeland Resources
    • Application of Information Technology to Monitoring Grassland/Rangeland Resource Management
    • Reclamation of Grasslands/Rangelands
    • Water Resources in Grasslands/Rangelands
  • Theme B : Grasslands/Rangelands Production Systems
    • Livestock Production Systems
    • Integration of Crop, Forage and Forest Systems
    • Amenity and Conservation Turf and Turfgrass
    • Developing Improved Plants
    • Domestication of Native Grassland/Rangeland Plants for Regional Use
    • Seed Science and Technology
    • Forage Quality, Conservation and Utilization
  • Theme C : Grasslands/Rangelands People and Policies
    • People in Grasslands/Rangelands
    • Policy Issues for Grasslands/Rangelands
    • Land Use Change and Grassland/Rangeland Tenure
    • Institutional Innovations for the Conservation of Grassland/Rangeland Biodiversity
    • Non-Livestock Amenities of Grassland/Rangeland Resources
    • Market and Marketing for Grasslands/Rangelands
    • Innovation Systems in Grasslands/Rangelands through Education and Practice

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