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Nagpur (Maharashtra) India 06/08 février 2008

Water Quality Management

3rd International Conference

- 3rd International Conference on Water Quality Management

  • Nagpur (Maharashtra) India 06/08 février 2008

- Organisation
Central Board of Irrigation and Power of New Delhi, in association with the Geographical Committee of the International Water Resources Association (India)

- Presentation
In view of the increased demand for water and decrease in its availability, concern for water quality has become a matter of urgency.

- Conference topics

  • Water quality management
  • System analysis and computing in water quality management
  • Impact of industrial development and intensive agriculture on the quality of stream flow and groundwater
  • Community participation in water quality programme and legal and social aspect of water quality
  • Review and improvement of standards for regulatory approaches
  • Groundwater resources, development and management
  • Surface water resources , development and management
  • Drinking water contamination, approaches and applications
  • International issues : cooperation, trans-border concerns

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