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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2008)

Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of Eskişehir-sivrihisar-günyüzü Basin

Demiroğlu, Muhterem

Titre : Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of Eskişehir-sivrihisar-günyüzü Basin

Eskişehir-sivrihisar-günyüzü Havzası Hidrojeolojisi Ve Hidrojeokimyası

Auteur : Demiroğlu, Muhterem

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2008

Günyüzü basin, in semiarid region, located in the Sakarya river catchments area at the SW of Eskişehir-Sivrihisar. The main aquifer marbles for cold and hot water within the studied area is bordered by impermeable intrusions of magmatic rocks at sides and by impermeable schists at the bottom Quaternary alluvium and Neogene conglomerates and limestones are secondary important aquifers. Marbles take place at the top of metamorphic series at higher altitudes of basin represent upper part of aquifer system. Some springs recharges, circulates and discharges from this shallow system. Other mostly recharges from the marbles but discharges from Neogene units Marbles, at bottom of the basin by faults, recharge and store deep circulating water (622m.-788m.) These deep circulating water discharges from Neogene units as well. And total groundwater recharge was calculated to be 29,6*106 m3/year. Groundwater discharge was calculated as 31,8 *106 m3/ year The lack of calculated recharge can not be explained by the recharge from adjacent basins, because of the impermeable aquifer boundary conditions. The most likely cause is the miscalculation of evapotranspiration, where in fact the structural properties of area such as faults and fractures and snow melts allow fast percolation. Another factor is the old static water and long groundwater residence time. Tritium values show (0-4 TU) the existence of old static water in these aquifer systems. Physicochemical properties of shallow circulated cold waters according to TSE 266 are drinkable

Mots clés : Günyüzü havzası akifer izotop beslenim Günyüzü basin aqifer isotope recharge


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