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İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2014)

Estimation Of Runoff Hydrograph

Balov, Mustafa Nurı

Titre : Estimation Of Runoff Hydrograph

Akış Hidrografı Tahmin Modelleri

Auteur : Balov, Mustafa Nurı

Université de soutenance : İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2014

This study was, therefore, initiated to compare the performance of various methods developed for establishing runoff hydrograph. In this study, HEC-HMS, SWMM and MIKE BASIN/NAM Rainfall-Runoff models and also Root selection method were used for estimating runoff hydrograph from rainfall events in Cascina Scala urban catchment in Italy. These models are physically-based black box models which use the catchment’s physical parameters such as area and slope, curve number, Manning roughness coefficient, and percentage impervious layers and hydrologic parameters and mathematical methods of drivation of unit hydrograph. The physical parameters are required in order to determine the catchment’s response of runoff for a given rainfall event numerically. Runoff hydrographs were calculated using the aforementioned models and the model results were compared with observed hydrograph. The specific objectives of this study were, i) to estimate rainfall-induced runoff using NAM/MIKE BASIN Rainfall-Runoff model ii) to produce runoff hydrograph by employing the NAM/MIKE BASIN Rainfall-Runoff model, and iii) to evaluate the estimation performance of NAM/MIKE BASIN and SWMM parametric models compared to the methods of unit hydrograph in terms of estimation of runoff hydrograph. The results of these models were compared by considering estimated and observed rainfall-induced runoff peak discharge, time to peak and discharge duration of the hydrographs.

Mots clés : hidroloji yağış akış modelleri hidrograf hydrology rainfall runoff models hydrograph


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