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Charles University in Prague (2016)

Surfing as a key cause of social and cultural changes in Moroccan Taghazout

Remešová Lucie

Titre : Surfing as a key cause of social and cultural changes in Moroccan Taghazout

Surfing jako klíčová příčina sociální a kulturní změny marockého Taghazoutu

Auteur : Remešová Lucie

Université de soutenance : Charles University in Prague

Grade : Master Thesis 2016

In this thesis I am focused on long-term research in a small Moroccan village of Taghazout where I had the opportunity to observe for several years the rapid changes in the local environment ; a fishing village not too affected by tourism has become a popular center for surfers from all around the world and headquarters of foreign investors, which completely changed the character of the place. I first visited Taghazout in October 2010 for the purpose of surfing, I made friends with the locals and became insider to some extent. From this position I was then gaining during the research, in which I focused specifically on the case study of my main informants and friends who are Moroccan founders of a local company, that runs business connected to surfing. I have regularly visited Taghazout since 2010 at least once a year. From 2013 I started actively doing preliminary researches and the actual fieldwork lasted from October 2014 to January 2015, when I lived in Taghazout. The aim of my study was to explore and describe primarily, what changes occurred in the village due to tourism and surfing, how are these changes reflected in the functioning of my informant’s company, if they consider them negative or positive and in what ways. I confronted their statements with my own observations and with statements of other informants in the village. My main research methods were mainly semi-structured interviews in English and participant observation

Mots clés : Maroko, Taghazout, migrace, globalizace, surfing, turismus, životní styl, sport — Morocco, Taghazout, migration, globalization, surfing, tourism, lifestyle, sport


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