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Politecnico di Milano (2013)

The desert city. Scar city (Egypt)


Titre : The desert city. Scar city (Egypt)


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Tesi Specialistiche/Magistrali 2013

Egypt as a country must deal with its unique geographical and demographical problems to reach an equilibrium. Currently the Egyptian population is occupying five percent of the country along the Nile valley and Delta while the rest is a harsh, empty desert. Egypt’s lifeblood, the Nile, can’t feed everyone these days and is under attack by downriver countries. Then, the energy problem which is as much local as global demand. The thesis is oriented to the Egyptian desert through three main aspects : new cities phenomenon, Water and Energy in terms of current and future problems, potentials and a proposal for a future development axis supported by new settlements. Rethinking about the transformation of energy and its revolutionary technologies occurs every day and the way of integration within societies as a cultural aspect might help us imagining the ethics of the future city. Nevertheless, ignoring it might waste the renewable energy given social values such as independance and efficiency, then creating new monopolies. As the sustainable energy farms are becoming our new landscape, rapidly occupying large areas around our cities and giving value to forgotten desert lands, it has to be carefully considered in terms of planning. It’s the time to define the role of architecture and urban planning in understanding the nature of energy and resources need that might reshape our settlements or increase the gap in between. Once we can accept the idea of integration it can lead us to finding future architectural alternatives, that might facilitate solving our current problems in a world of scarcity and deformation. The project is a provocative, complete organism based on the incorporation of renewable energy plants into a city form. A machinery urbanism that shows potentialities of emerging a micro-climate, livable condition in harsh land and at the same time is an efficient source of desalinated water and energy. In the other hand these new cities will be the infrastructure of the future development axis that can preserve current communities and cities running out of resources.

Mots clés : città del deserto — desert city ; scar city ; Egypt ; energy ; water


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