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Politecnico di Milano (2015)

Desert co-village. Housing is not a product, it’s a process


Titre : Desert co-village. Housing is not a product, it’s a process


Université de soutenance : Politecnico di Milano

Grade : Tesi Specialistiche/Magistrali 2015

Being a designer I feel I must answer the needs that rose after the “Egyptian Revolution of 2011” with creativity. While visiting Cairo, overcrowded metropolis, I thought about some project alternatives, such as “taking back” some of the desert areas, slightly outside the city. The planning intervention aims to conceive and build “oasis-villages” suitable for a new way of living. An environment that is attentive to the socialisation, to the living of the space in one’s spare time, integrating it to the landscape truth, where more attention is directed towards the poetry of natural places, to the sustainability of the architectural choices and to the flexibility of increasingly dynamic domestic needs. From here, the idea of planning an advanced residential area, where the ecosystem rationality co-habits with the freedom of expression of the living of the people who live here. I started by planning residential units which could create a pilot village promoting new behavioural manners in a serene balance between human-human and human-nature, where the sense of identity and of being part of a group is facilitated. The residential buildings have been designed so that life in a desert area can be optimised, creating a relationship with the collective Egyptian memory but keeping the costs low. From here the idea of creating prebuilt units, produced by local and Italian companies working together, according to a product-service system which could become a format, declinable in terms of quality and quantity in similar realities. The aim is to have repeatable forms according to industrial production logics : qualitative standards, certifications, costs and definite times of execution. The Italian firms supply the constructive technology and the know-how and the Egyptian firms provide the raw materials, the workers and above all the experience and the traditional building methods to deal with weather difficulties. The whole project has an important social value, it falls within an Italian strategy of launching activities in partnership with local companies.

Mots clés : Egitto ; deserto ; progettazione partecipata ; prefabbricazione ; villaggio pilota ; cemento ; auto-costruzione ; auto-gestione — co-housing ; prefabbricated ; oasi village ; desert ; social ; trickle-up ; Egypt


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