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Innovations for sustainability and food security in arid and semiarid lands

Samarkand, Uzbekistan 10-14 September, 2014

Titre : Innovations for sustainability and food security in arid and semiarid lands

2nd International Conference on Arid Lands Studies Samarkand, Uzbekistan 10-14 September, 2014

Date de parution : 2015
Pages : 178

Présentation de la conference
Productive and fertile soils are becoming scarce in arid and hyper-arid desert environments globally. These areas usually suffer from fresh water resources, which threaten the region food and water securities. Such complex situations necessitates to understand the ecosystem of arid and semi arid lands and to look at both mitigation and adaptation processes carefully, both from environmental and economical perspectives. The process of land degradation, specifically because of salinization has spread over 1 billion hectares in more than 100 countries globally. This has encouraged the scientists and researchers to work more on the plant genetics, agronomical management practices and innovations in agriculture to improve food and water securities. The ICAL2 conference is an initiative by the Government of Uzbekistan and the Samarkand State University. The International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) being an active international R4D organization is honored to be the co-organizer of the conference. This Forum is built on the outcomes of the research achievements, meetings, workshops and other conferences held in the region in partnership with many national and international organizations, including, USAID, FAO, UNESCO, UNDP, ICARDA and others. The conference is expected to cover different topics related to innovations for food security and will bring many national and international expertise at the event. I wish to sincerely thank Mr. Alisher Vakhobov from the Ministry of High and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ; Mr Zoir Mirzaev, Khokim of the Samarkand region and Prof. Ulugbek Tshkenbaev from Samarkand State University for their inspiration and respective endeavors to ensure the success of the conference.
Dr. Ismahane A.Elouafi

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