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Quaternary Environmental Change in Southern Africa

Cambridge University Press

Quaternary Environmental Change in Southern Africa

Physical and Human Dimensions

Editor (s) : Jasper Knight, Stefan W. Grab,

Publisher  : Cambridge University Press
Date de parution : 2016
Pages : 450

Ongoing climate change necessitates advances in our understanding of the interrelationships between climate, landscape-shaping processes and human activity over long time periods, especially in areas that are already climatically stressed. This volume presents new ideas on macroscale landscape evolution ; mountain, fluvial and aeolian processes ; and environments in southern Africa, a key region in the story of human evolution during the last two million years. Interdisciplinary in scope, it brings together an international team of experts to synthesise the latest research and understanding of landscape-human relationships in this region. It incorporates results from the emerging fields of geoarchaeology and cultural landscapes and utilises the latest data and analytical techniques. A key reference for researchers studying hominid evolution, geoarchaeology and environmental change, it provides a benchmark study of southern African landscape evolution during the Quaternary. It will also appeal to professionals and policymakers with interests in future human-landscape evolution in southern Africa.

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