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Universidade de São Paulo (2003)

CHP : chapas de partículas homogêneas - madeiras do Nordeste do Brasil

Nascimento Maria Fátima do

Titre : CHP : chapas de partículas homogêneas - madeiras do Nordeste do Brasil

CHP : foils of homogeneous particles - wood of the Northeast of Brasil

Auteur : Nascimento, Maria Fátima do

Université de soutenance : Universidade de São Paulo.

Grade : Tese de Doutorado 2003

In the development of this work, concepts were analyzed and proposed seeking to evidence the possibility of technological changes for the socio-economic growth of the Brazilian northeast region. It still hovers a pré-established concept about Brazilian northeast : it is treated as an area without possibility of providing its own needs. It is necessary to revert this situation with the improvement of its life conditions through the execution of the ideas as the related to the reforestation and to the maintainable development. The present proposal has as focus the use of northeast wood species, embracing the ones that resist prolonged drought of the area. Procedures are suggested to the production of particleboard with the species : Angico (Anadenanthera macrocarpa), Algaroba (Prosopis juliflora) and Juremapreta (Mimosa tenuiflora), all frequent in the northeast area of Brazil. The results of the physical and mechanical properties are also presented : density, thickness swelling, absorption, artificial weathering, natural weathering, tension parallel to surface, tension perpendicular to surface, modulus of rupture, proportionality limit and modulus of elasticity in the static bending, and nail-head withdrawal test. The rehearsals were accomplished according to the recommendations of the normative document : 1037/1996, ASTM. The results were compared with the properties of the usually marketed boards, and high satisfactory values were obtained.

Mots clés : aplicação de CPH, CPH-chapas de partículas homogêneas, ensaios físico-mecanicos, fabricação, região Nordeste do Brasil, sustentabilidade


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