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Reconstruction of Ecosystems in Arid Lands

Reconstruction Ecosystems


Titre : Reconstruction of Ecosystems in Arid Lands

Organismes NSF : Reconstruction of Ecosystems in Arid Lands (DEB)

Durée : August 1, 1988 — July 31, 1991

Reconstruction of an ecological system on a seriously disturbed arid site has been studied for six years in the context of current ecological theory. The objectives have been to test a number of ecological hypotheses, particularly regarding succession, and to develop methods for projecting the consequences of different management alternatives. A series of controlled experiments has been performed on a surface coal mine in southwestern Wyoming, and data have been collected on vegetation, soils, fungi, meteorology, invertebrates, and vertebrate wildlife succession on the sites. During this final project phase the investigators will complete data analyses, synthesize data into major research publications and disseminate information to a variety of user groups in both theoretical and applied fields. Modeling efforts will integrate the study and result in the creation of a projection tool designed to indicate the consequences of different management actions on site dynamics. Project output should be of great importance in a fundamental ecological sense as well as to land resource managers and to those involved in spoil land reclamation. The institution continues to provide excellent support and facilities for the work. The project team remains intact and excellent in its team efforts.

Partenaires : James MacMahon jim.macmahon (Principal Investigator)

Financement : $349,986.00

Présentation (National Science Foundation)

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